iPad and iPhone Just Became the Most Portable Ultrasound Machines Around


Something pretty exciting came out of St. Ingbert, Germany this week. The Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT released an iOS app that can crunch raw ultrasound data while running directly on the iPhone or iPad.

While other systems exist that render images based on DICOM image data, this app takes things a step further.

This is a significant step forward in medical imaging as well as healthcare in a broader sense. Technology allowing for mobile access and review of diagnostic information means doctors and other healthcare providers can be faster, more available and more effective when caring for their patients. It may also mean that more accurate and recent data becomes available giving greater quality and continuity of care.

This app will allow you to load radio frequent (rf) measurement data acquired with an ultrasound research beamformer like the Fraunhofer IBMT “DiPhAS” system, though other formats are also supported.

As detailed by iTunes, the following functionality is available with this app:

  • load ultrasound rf raw data from a file list
  • use one of the provided sample datasets or download more datasets from the internet
  • display a scanconversion of the rf data as image output
  • display the A-Scan data (amplitude scan) of single lines in a graph
  • select the selected line by touch in the B-Scan display
  • select line segments with smaller window sizes for detail A-Scan signal view
  • visualize the histogram of the scanconverted image representation
  • visualize the spectrum after fourier transformation of the selected windowed A-Scan signal
  • export the current image, A-Scan and spectrum visualization to your photo roll
  • send the current image, A-Scan and spectrum visualization via email

More details are likely to be heard when Fraunhofer presents their app at the MEDICA 2011 conference in Dusseldorf next week.

The Ultrasound Research Offline App by Fraunhofer IBMT is available for free from the iTunes App Store.

[via medGadget]

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