Dual OLED Backlight for iPad 3 Retina Display Confirmed?

Last week we wrote about a rumor concerning the iPad 3’s backlighting, and it seems that the rumor could be true. The iPad 3, or whatever the next generation iPad is called, will be sporting dual OLED backlights. A new lighting system could potentially solve the backlighting problems that the iPad 2 suffered from.

On Thursday, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent application from Apple, which describes the future changes to the backlighting system in depth.

According to the patent, an LCD will have one or two organic light emitting diode backlights, which may be optically bonded to the back of an LCD to prevent contamination between the LCD and the backlight. Essentially, this means that there may be no more light leakage. Bonding the OLED backlight to the LCD could also increase the mechanical rigidity of the LCD, allowing for thinner glass and a thinner device.

The OLED backlight might also be electrically connected with light modulating portions of the LCD, allowing information transmitted to pixels of the LCD to also be transmitted to areas of the backlight, providing an overall better lighting experience.

Apple intends to use the OLED backlighting in the iPad, iPhone, Cinema Displays, Macbooks, and eventually, the iMac. Our first taste of Apple’s new backlighting will likely  come in the form of the new iPad, to be released in 2012.

[via Patently Apple]

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  • PaulMmn

    I certainly hope that any patent granted is just for the optical bonding, and NOT for the obvious-to-anyone-in-the-field that 2 lights can light up a screen if part of it is dim!  Multiple lights have been used for flat screens of various types for years.  Our bathroom ‘screen’ (well, mirror) growing up had a fluorescent light along either edge to provide even illumination.  So adding a 2nd light to an iPad screen is NOT a patentable improvement in the art of electronics!
    –Paul E Musselman