iPad Shoppers Spend More Than Their Android Counterparts

A recent survey by IBM suggest that even if iPad owners aren’t well-heeled enough to spring for the latest diamond-encrusted Stuart Hughes version, they do spend more than fellow consumers who shopped on Android devices or on PCs.

“The iPad user is converting — meaning they’re buying something — almost twice as frequently as other mobile users,” says John Squire, chief strategy officer at IBM Coremetrics. “Not only do they buy more frequently than other mobile users when they’re in an online store, but they also buy more than the average PC shopper or average mobile shopper.”

Not only to iPad shoppers buy more and spend more, but their numbers are growing quickly. According to IBM the number of mobile shoppers is expected to increase as compared to last holiday season. In October 2009, before the advent of the iPad, less than 1% of used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site. By October 2011 the percentage swelled to almost 11%. This November IBM predicts that 15% of people in the US who log onto a retailer’s website will do so through a mobile device.

It follows that online sales continue to increase their share of retailers’ total online shopping sales, which jumped from 3.4% in October 2010 to 9.6% in October 2011.

The one thing that mobile online shoppers lack compared to their PC-using counterparts is an attention span, for they are more likely to leave a site after just one page view. According to Squire, retailers need to offer users a “relevant, hyper-personalized page” to keep them interested.

If you are concerned that, perhaps, you could personally be driving these trends with your own online mobile shopping, then perhaps you should consider one last purchase: the stop spending iPad case, created by Speck, customized by Zazzle UK. Originally created to support reduced government spending, it might work well to suppress the urge to visit Gilt every time you receive a push notification.

[via Network World]

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