Charge 2 iDevices at Once in Your Car with the Qmadix Tablet Charger

The Qmadix Twin Tablet Charging Kit 4.2 is a car accessory that lets you charge not one, but two iPads in your car. This is an impressive feat, because many USB car chargers can’t even manage to charge a single iPad.

Normal car chargers have an output of ~0.5A, but tablets require significantly more power, at 2.1A. Using an under-powered charger will have you waiting all day for that iPad battery to fill up, which is a frustrating prospect.

The Qmadix charger comes with two 2.1A powered USB ports, for charging two iPads at the same time. Of course, you can also charge an iPhone, or other USB-compatible device. The extra power will charge your iPhone faster than normal, so even a short trip will get you quite a bit of juice.

Blue LEDs provide a soft glow that illuminates the charger at night, so plugging in your phone or your iPad is an easy task, even in the dark. The charger is compact in size, but it does have a double wide design that could be a problem in some vehicles. It’s made from sonically sealed, rugged polycarbonate and has advanced circuitry that prevents overheating and overcharging.

The Qmadix Twin Tablet Charging Kit 4.2 is available for purchase on the Qmadix website, at $39.99. That’s a good deal more expensive than other car chargers, but you can’t beat the power or the functionality.

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