Yahoo Debuts IntoNow for iPad

Yahoo’s highly rated TV companion app, IntoNow, is now available on the iPad. Previously only on the iPhone, the iPad version of IntoNow allows iPad owners to use the app as a fun and social accompaniment to television watching.

IntoNow automatically detects the television program that users are watching, live or recorded, when pointed at any TV. After it identifies a show, the app provides information on the program, plus it displays related content and personalized recommendations on other TV shows to watch. Essentially, it’s Shazam for your television.

The app displays synchronized news headlines, in-depth sports stats when watching a game, and tweets from popular actors on shows. It also gives a full rundown on each episode, including cast information and future airings.

When a user shares the program being watched on Facebook or Twitter, the app will alert them when friends and family are enjoying the same shows. From there, users are able to initiate conversations on social networking sites to discuss television programs and other information.

IntoNow works on live TV and anything that’s run on TV in the past 5 years, from the television, computer, and even other mobile devices. Want to try it out? IntoNow is currently available for download in the App Store for free.

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  • M_whelan23

    Is there a restriction ouside the U.S.? I cant seem to access it here in Ireland

  • Juli Clover

    The app doesn’t mention this, nor does Yahoo’s IntoNow support that I saw, but I did some searching and it looks like the app is only available in the U.S. app store. Sorry about that.