Try to Figure Out Who Took This Photo (Zoo) – iPad Game Review

Who took this photo - ZooI get excited whenever I hear the developers at Portegno release a new app, and Who took this photo – Zoo is no disappointment.

The app is very simple to use yet teaches your child to harness their observational powers and exercise their matchmaking and comparison skills. As a parent it thrills me when you can disguise an educational opportunity as pure entertainment.

This app has no learning curve, which is delightful. You and your child can review a picture and choose from one of the five main characters (Lucas the Lion, Marla the Giraffe, Steve the Monkey, Gerome the Hippo or Mike the Elephant) that must have been behind the camera.

Keep flipping through photographs for as long as you are enjoying yourselves and look for the missing character from each scene. Some pictures are easier than others of course, with lots of details that make you take a second look.

All of your favorite zoo animals are present in this app, which results in colorful and adorable illustrations that appear very dynamic for being static images. The soundtrack is pleasant and very much background music, with very simple audio besides. A wrong selection results in a little non-celebratory noise while a success has the narrator congratulating your child.

Who took this photo - Zoo Screenshot

What I liked: I really loved how easy this app was to work with. Young children have very little patience for learning rules and just want to dive into the meat of an app and this one works really well for that.

What I didn’t like: I wish there was some animation or interactive content beyond the success or fail response given by the app narrator.

To buy or not to buy: The price is right and the quality hard to resist for this learning app.

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