MobileMount Exceeds Kickstarter Goal, Production Is A Go

If the question of what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving Day comes up, I know what my response will be- Kickstarter. This website is great for creative and inventive people to have a chance to make their dreams come true. Mobile gadget mounts are being invented left-and-right. This is the kind of consumer market that you wouldn’t see in any other way.

Today’s Kickstarter project is for the MobileMount, a double-suction cupped mount that can be used universally for any device.

As of today, MobileMount has more than doubled its goal and still has 19 days remaining on Kickstarter.

The mount is made of two suction cups that are connected by a ball-and-joint. The suction cups are strong enough to withstand the weight of a kitchen chair and can be easily mounted to any glossy surface, like a window or marble countertop. If you want to mount your iPad to something with a matte surface, or if you have a super cute cover on your iPad that is not glossy, there are vinyl circles included with each mount to allow the suction cup to adhere to any surface, like a wall or wood table.

The strength of the mount is in the patent-pending twist lock design. To adhere the suction cup to your iPad, simply place it on the device and twist. It will lock onto the tablet and hold it securely in place.

MobileMount goes for a $25 ($30 for limited-edition white) pledge and includes four vinyl circles for matte-surface mounting. Additional pledge amounts give a larger quantity of units. One unique way that the developer has designed his pledge level is that he offers a large-quantity supply for big investors. Most Kickstarter projects I’ve seen offer special incentives for big backers, like you name on the mount, or a custom-designed case. Offering large-quantity supplies to big backers is a great business move. He can move more units into shops and big backers can get an amazing price break on the mount. The biggest discount is for a pledge amount of $1,400 for 100 MobileMounts.

If this looks interesting to you, check out MobileMount on Kickstarter now. The pledge page expires on November 29.


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