A Quarter of iPad Owners Use Their Device Just Once a Week?

A new survey from the U.K. has revealed that a number of iPad owners don’t use their tablets on a regular basis. Of the 1,500 British iPad owners surveyed by discount site MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, 26 percent said that they use their iPads just once a week, while one in ten said that they rarely use the device at all.

As a certified iPad addict, these numbers are difficult for me to comprehend. The iPad does almost everything – from providing news, weather, and stocks, to providing entertainment in the form of a never-ending supply of games, television apps, and books.

I’ll often pick up my iPad multiple times a day, and I tend to carry it everywhere I go, just in case. I have so many gaming apps that I’ve never had enough time to play them all, and I’ve used an iPad as my default ebook reader since I got one in April of 2010.

Only 42% of the iPad owners surveyed said that they use their iPads once a day or more. More than half of the iPad owners who use their iPads just once a week cited internet connectivity as the problem. Without a 3G model, they aren’t able to easily access content on the web or use apps that require data connections while on the go.

Several other respondents claimed that they don’t use their iPads because they can’t think of what to do with it. 14 percent of survey respondents said that their iPad was received as a gift, and they didn’t feel that they actually needed it.

This is not a surprise to me – my own mother owns an iPad and uses it infrequently because she’s not a reader or a gamer. Apple has a ways to go on promoting every day uses of the iPad for customers who may not use it as an entertainment device.

Are these survey numbers in line with what you’ve experienced? How often do you actually use your iPad? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Doc

    I can understand their position. There are days when my iPad never gets picked up and other days when it seems I am never putting it down. Just like all devices, if you don’t have a perceived need for the technology, you will rarely use it. 

  • Martiniboy

    Since getting my iPad in May I cannot remember a day which I have not used it, even now sitting watching tv after a long day at work my ipad in my hand looking up what is new!

  • robby@hotmail.co.uk

    I’m right with the writer here. Fully addicted and loving it.

  • http://blog.tabgrip.com/ TabgripforIpad

    Perhaps they asked the wrong control group, or stumbled upon the minority? I dunno, I would have thought that it’s one of the devices that can be used daily since it is portable and offers so many features.

  • http://twitter.com/LEAFSFANTIC LEAF

    One of the reasons I still haven’t bought one is because I have a Macbook pro and already have  a Iphone.It’ not something I would use often because of it’s form factor.