White Keyboard Case Perfect Match for White iPad 2 Lovers

AdessoI have to admit that I am a recent convert. When I got my first glimpse of the iPhone 4S I knew that I would have to have a white one. In the beginning I was a skeptic, I thought they would look old fast and somehow not quite as awesome as the black iPhones and iPads… but I was wrong! What I did learn rather quickly was that there is a whole bunch of white iPhone and iPad groupies with a surprisingly few number of accessories that properly compliment the light colored devices.

Adesso is helping to solve this problem with the launch of their Compagno 2 White Bluetooth Keyboard with White Carrying Case for iPad 2.

Not only is this a lovely white case that would pair nicely with your white iPad 2, it features a silicon Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard complete with multimedia hotkeys and iPad 2 shortcuts. The real beauty of the keyboard is that it is spill-proof and silent (perfect for taking notes in class or meetings) but still provides the tactile response we all crave.

To make use of the keyboard as convenient as possible it features a power on/off switch and can be detached for more flexible placement.

The case has a magnetic closure that will wake your iPad 2 and put it to sleep as it opens and closes just as a Smart Cover would, and can cradle your iPad at a number of angles to suit your needs best (all while keeping your camera visible and functional).

This Compagno 2 White Bluetooth Keyboard with White Carrying Case for iPad 2 can be purchased directly from the Adesso online store for US $99.99.

Adesso is a private company with experience providing consumers with quality touchpads, mice, barcode scanners, high performance graphics tablets in addition to a line of ergonomic, industrial and wireless keyboards.

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