Sock n Boots Comes To The iPad, Children’s Interactive Book Review

The story of Sock n Boots is an educational one. Sock is always getting into trouble, or hiding from imaginary monsters, and Boots is always there to get him out of trouble or remind him that there is no such thing as monsters.

The life-lesson team have found their way to the iPad and are available at a fraction of the cost of the printed book.

Written by D.K. Smith and published in December 2010, Sock n Boots is a series of children’s stories that is intended to educate and engage kids in discussions with parents about topics like safe places to play, being scared of the dark and sharing. Each story asks a question at the beginning of the book, explains a lesson in a fun and interesting way, and asks the question again at the end of the book so that parents and children can talk about the lesson that was just presented to them.


There are several features in this app. If you want to read the stories, you can choose from three different lessons. Within each story, you can select auto play, choose to have the narrator read to you, or read the book yourself. If you choose to read the story yourself, you can interact with pages by touching on certain items. The narrator will say what it is, and then spell out the word.

You can also select the coloring book, which offers letters and numbers for your child to color. By turning on the animation in the coloring book section, the narrator will spell out colors or numbers as your child interacts with the page.

There is also a “Write My Own Story” feature that allows you to write new words and record your own voice using the pre-existing illustrations. The book can be saved along with the other stories and can be posted to Facebook so that parents and kids that are far away from each other can still enjoy story time together.


What I liked: The “Write My Own Story” feature is a great way to get your child’s creativity going. Being able to record your own voice and post the story to Facebook is especially unique.

What I didn’t like: The coloring book is very educational, but also a little boring. It would be nice if children could color the book illustrations.

To buy or not to buy: On top of the fact that this book is interactive, engaging and just plain cute, it is only $0.99. The book sells on Amazon for $13.99. It is a definite buy.

  • App Name: Sock n Boots
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: D.K. Smith
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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