Samsung Tries To Pass Off Old Series 7 Tablet As New Version By Adding Windows 8

Not every tech company in the industry has the ability, foresight or know-how to actually create a newer, better, faster device every year or two the way Apple, Inc. does. Some are consigned to sticking an updated operating system on an old gadget and calling it new. Samsung is doing just that with its Series 7 “slate” computer.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung Personal Computer’s head of sales and marking, Uhm Kyu Ho said the next version of the Windows-based Series 7 computer will be a “modified version” of the current design that will include the Windows 8 operating system. However, current owners of the Series 7 will also be able to update their operating system to Windows 8 in the near future, as well, essentially making the “new version” the same as the old one. Hopefully, Samsung won’t try to gouge consumers by charging more.

Samsung is trying to break into the business market with the Series 7 “slate” computer. Bloomberg reports Nam Seong Woo, head of the PC business, as saying, “It uses Windows 7 and can run applications for personal computers, so is designed to appeal to consumers who need to produce documents and spreadsheets on devices as portable as the iPad or tablets running Android.”

Windows 8, which was just unveiled September 13th of this year, allows laptops and tablets to load fast and uses little battery life, making it ideal for using on business trips or in meetings. Microsoft is attempting to make itself known in a market dominated by iOS and Android.

Samsung is well-known for being Apple’s main competitor. The former was the leading seller of smartphones last quarter, pushing Apple into second place. They may want to actually design a new model of the Series 7 if they want to compete with the ever-changing iPad.

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  • Anonymous

    er what ru talking about… try not to be so one sided as a journalist

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Joseph30. I agree that this article was unabashedly bias. It was intended to be less of a news piece and more of a commentary piece. I love my iPad so much that it is hard not to be one-sided. Thanks for the comment.

      • Anonymous

        I have the ipad 2 and it is an awesome product and quility built.  But I felt first hand the walled garden approach of steve and it sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the app store.  But I can’t even move my icons to where I want it… wtf is that?  I mean really.. WTF.  That’s just one of many minor issues I have to jailbreak and pay to overcome….  There are many bigger issues I have but I thought that was ridiculous.

        And jb is not available for the ipad 2 so im stuck.  And beginning last night, my home button stopped being responsive.  I’ll stop my ranting here but no company is perfect.  Im sure you will come across many comments like mine as you work but it’s just part of your job I guess ^_^  

        But try not to be so judgmental with the headings of your article.  And use softer words for body copy. Remember there are many android ios and samsung fans here.

        Thanks Lory

        • Anonymous

          Joseph, Note taken. I appreciate your feedback. I don’t actually own a device running Android yet. I’m hoping for a price war this Holiday season so I can pick one up. Maybe that will calm my over-exuberance. I’m sorry to hear about your iPad Woes. Have you tried the Apple forums? The Apple community is very helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Journalists can have faves.  But you don’t make it blatantly obvious so that it bothers people.  And knock off?  I like how apple steals ideas and then they whine about how everyone steals their own stolen ideas.  I just got my ipad 2 but it’s amazing how most of the ios5 features are carbon copies from fryo to gingerbread.

  • Anonymous


  • Mark Hill

    all second generation products are iterations of the 1st. If it works generally why not just change the few things that people say they don’t like. Apple is the the chief of all sinners in this category. Are you kidding? Your not a journalist just because you put words on a page-sorry but you should be judged by your work like you are judging others. Frankly your work shows lack of foresight, knowledge and is extremely biased Without even using the products. You say it will Samsung will “pass off” old series 7 tablets (they are slates by the way a different animal) as new with simply the addition of windows 8. I am sure there will be other things that will change although since the current new model runs windows 8 already they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

    Sorry you have been sucked in by “fruit”less propaganda but how revolutionarily different are 1st gen Apple products from 2nd or 3rd gen. They do something even more sickeningly sinister with product design and release. They purposefully withhold technology and design from 1st gen products (ipad) and then release them in in gen 2. Things like a camera or sd card slot and they have the balls to call it revolutionary. By next year Apple and Obama will be in the “we figured out you are all smoke and bullshit” bin and people will be moving on to real productivity instead of toys.

  • Mark Hill

    Now here is what I might do to make the series 7 better. Re engineer the dock to include an extra battery with the keyboard attached to it and when the slate is attached, it should fold down as laptop.Most likely this would mean a slice type battery that the keyboard would lay on top of but the keyboard would also be able to be taken off. All this for 2 purposes- 1.) to extend battery life. 2.) for easier transportability and so you can work without a table or desk with the keyboard. Maybe Lego can help with design. So far nobody has done this right. The dock should be USB not a proprietary type of connection. It should also include more /better ports. USB 3 etc.,discrete graphics if at all possible. all this at under 3.5 lbs for total weight. All elements can be separated and used. So for example you could leave the dock/battery charging and take the keyboard/slate anywhere or connect everything and take it all, or just take the slate. The keyboard would also be blutooth and able to be separated. so the slate could be elevated and used as a monitor.

    The slate itself should have better battery life. Maybe they should offer it with corei3 for people who want to trade a little performance for better battery life. Carbon fiber or light weight metal chassis.