Kindle Fire Sees Huge Pre-Launch Demand, iPad Competition Grows

According to a recent survey, consumer demand for Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire is higher than that of the iPad prior to its 2010 product launch. With the growing popularity of the tablet market, the Kindle Fire may just establish itself as the first comparable device to hold its own in Apple’s arena.

Market research firm ChangeWave conducted a survey of 2,600 consumers regarding their potential interest in the Kindle Fire. The data shows a demand that is stronger than the pre-launch demand for the iPad in a similar survey from 2010.

The survey shows that 5 percent of participants have already ordered or are likely to purchase the Kindle Fire and 12 percent are somewhat likely to purchase the tablet. In 2010, 4 percent of survey participants were likely to buy an iPad and 9 percent were somewhat likely.

In defense of the iPad, in 2010 the tablet was virtually unknown. Many consumers were calling Apple’s device a huge iPhone or a crippled MacBook. No one knew what to do with it, so fewer people were interested in purchasing a tablet at all. Now, thanks to the iPad, the tablet is one of the fastest growing gadgets in the technology market.

According to ChangeWave’s survey, 26 percent of the five percent (or 33 people) of likely Kindle Fire buyers said that they would delay/put on hold buying an iPad. This may not seem significant in the overall market share numbers, but it is a glimmer of the possibility that Amazon has actually brought some competition to the iPad. I have maintained that the Kindle Fire is not even in the same category because of its size. I consider the Fire to be something that potential iPad buyers wouldn’t even consider because it’s a weaker, lesser-featured version of a real tablet. but even if only one percent of consumers purchase a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad, that is a chip in the wall.

[via BGR]

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