Try Cloud FTP for Wireless iDevice Backup and Storage – A Kickstarter Project

Billed as the “missing link” between existing USB Devices and iOS and the Cloud, Cloud FTP can turn any USB storage device into a wireless device which is accessible to the iPad or other iDevices, as well as cloud storage services such as iCloud, DropBox, or

It sounds like a brilliant idea, but Sanho Corporation’s Cloud FTP won’t be for sale unless it receives funding on Kickstarter. Even before it is available commercially, The Cloud FTP is already receiving accolades. The device was just named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

Cloud FTP is designed to be easy to use. It makes data from any USB storage device available wirelessly to the iPad, iPhone, or any other device that uses Wi-Fi. Data can also be uploaded to cloud storage, or set to sync directly with a cloud storage service.

Cloud FTP either joins the existing Wi-Fi network, or creates one of its own, and can connect up to three devices at once. This means it also simplifies sharing data between iDevices. Since Cloud FTP has its own battery, there’s no need to worry about finding an outlet to power your storage device.

Although Cloud FTP isn’t much bigger than a deck of cards it’s designed to solve a big problem: running out of storage on the iPad. Sure, iCloud is great, but after the first 5GB it costs a yearly fee to back up everything on your iDevice.

Cloud FTP can access an external drive full of large files such as movies so they could be viewed on the iPad without eating up the precious limited storage space by using a web app designed by project creator Daniel Chin. Chin plans to create both an iOS and Android app in the near future. Existing apps GoodReader and GoodPlayer already work with Cloud FTP.

Cloud FTP also makes it easy to get information directly from a USB storage device directly to an iPad. This means that folks using cameras that rely on flash memory to store pictures could now bypass their desktop or laptop and send photos directly to an iPad.

Cloud FTP’s additional features include:

  • Connects to any USB mass storage compliant device.
  • 2600mAh li-ion rechargeable battery powers USB port and device up to 5 hours.
  • High performance, low power consumption ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor.
  • USB data is shared over a secure wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi network.

Cloud FTP has the potential to act like an iPad storage extender, while also breathing new life into an old USB external hard drive that might otherwise be gathering dust.

If the project’s funding goal is met, backers who pledge $69 will receive one CloudFTP device. Pledge $135 to receive two devices, or $199 to receive three devices. The devices should be available commercially by February 2010.

Interested backers have until January 6, 2012 to pledge.

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