Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview in Theaters this November

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is coming straight from director Paul Sen’s London garage to a Landmark Theatre near you this November 16 and 17. The film comprises a 70-minute conversation between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely that took place in 1995.

Only a snippet of the entire discussion made it to Cringely’s 1996 PBS miniseries about Silicon Valley, Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise and Fall of Accidental Empires. There were plans to air the rest of the interview in a sequel to Triumph of the Nerds, but the original footage was lost.

Sen directed the original PBS Series, and had saved a back-up copy the Jobs interview on VHS, without mentioning it to Cringely. When Jobs passed away Sen began searching for the tape in, of all places, his garage.

When Sen found the tape (huzzah!), he reached out to Cringely who shopped the tape to Landmark Theatres owner Mark Cuban. After moldering in a garage for the better part of a decade, it took Cuban just five minutes to decide to invest the money needed to convert the tape from VHS to a theatrical-quality film.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will debut on screens in 17 cities across the US including New York and Los Angeles.

[via TUAW]

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