Mobile Mount – Suction Cup Mount for Phones and Tablets – Approved Kickstarter Project

Not only do iPad accessories need to look good, but they have to be strong enough to keep the device safe and in place. That’s the idea behind JR Sanchez’s MobileMount, a mount/kickstand accessory that will adhere to smartphones and tablets, or any other device with a flat surface.

Each mount features an attractive design that comprises two twist-to-lock suction cups and one ball joint. According to Sanchez, the suction cups are designed to hold devices for “weeks at a time” rather than an hour or two. The mount is compatible with some iPad and most iPhone cases.

To respond to questions from interested backers about how strong the suction cups are Sanchez made a video to demonstrate how the MobileMount can hold onto a glass brick and even a chair with a curved back:

The Mobile Mount has exceeded its initial $20K funding goal. There is still plenty of time for interested backers to pledge before the funding period ends on November 29.

Backers who pledge $25 will receive a first edition MobileMount in Black as well as 4 vinyl circles to help the MobileMount stick to devices that have a matte finish in either white, black, or clear. Backers who pledge $50 will receive two mounts, one black and one limited-edition white model.

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