Barnes & Noble Releases Another Low-Cost Tablet, The iPad Competition Grows

At a recent event, Barnes & Noble confirmed rumors of the upcoming release of their follow-up to the Nook Color. This seven-inch tablet, revamped with a duel-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 1080p video, is being touted as another competitor for the iPad due to its low price of only $249.

This new e-reader, named Nook Tablet, will include native Netflix and Hulu Plus applications and uses Android’s Gingerbread operating system.

The device’s storage has increased to 16BG and it includes an SD card slot that can handle 32GB of additional storage. The screen quality has been upgraded using LG Display’s design for VividView. The battery life performance is nine hours of video playback and more than 11 hours of reading.

Barnes & Noble has been diligently increasing their download market, increasing their magazine and newspaper library to more than 250 titles. The bookseller also recently signed a deal with Marvel Comics. The Nook Tablet features a read-and-record option so that parents can record their voice as they read to their child, which can be recalled at a later time.

Like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet will be half the cost of the iPad’s lowest-price tablet. Unlike the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s tablet will have the capability of up to 48GB of storage and nine hours of battery life (Kindle Fire’s battery life is maxed out at only 8 hours). These features make the device more comparable to the iPad.

While getting closer to fitting into the same category, it still pales in comparison to Apple’s tablet. The growing trend toward cheaper tablets may create a new category of low-cost media tablets. If this becomes popular, the iPad may actually have something to worry about. Maybe a cheaper Apple tablet should be brought to the discussion.

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