Enjoy the Adventurous Journey of Bobik Bombastinov – iPad App Review

The adventurous journey of Bobik BombastinovThe Adventurous Journey of Bobik Bombastinov is a cute children’s story written by author Viviane Dommann. Available in both English and German, this book is as strange and quirky as it is endearing and sweet. Featuring a red felt-bear named Bobik, this book has been turned into a very simple app that can be enjoyed by children of all ages (and their parents too!).

With over 45 pages, this is a story that has enough content to keep your child interested and repeat readings will allow you to discover more detail in the images used.

In the book the young bear has been banished from his home country and brings you along on his adventures around the world as he finds a new place to settle.

There is something about this story. Once you read it you will understand exactly what I am trying to convey here. In some ways it feels like what you would expect to see in a series of hallucinations, but yet that little bear is really likeable. The tone and manner of his speech really makes it feel like you somehow actually know him.

The interactive content is quite minimal. Tapping on various elements of the page will give audio feedback of some sort (like the bell around his neck ringing), but the meat of the app is in the story itself.

The adventurous journey of Bobik Bombastinov Screenshot

What I liked: The story has enough history to keep your child asking questions about ‘where is that place’ and ‘why is he doing that’ that I think it inspires conversations and interest.

What I didn’t like: I wish there was an option to have the story narrated for you. Sometimes the charm of an interactive book on your iPad is that you get to enjoy a story read in a voice other than your own.

To buy or not to buy: If you have a little person that loves to absorb new stories this might be just the title to tickle their imagination.

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