Yahoo Unveils Tablet and Smartphone Apps

YahooIn an effort to become a little more relevant, Yahoo has released a series of new apps that give the company a few entries into the tablet and smartphone market. This move may be just in the nick of time as people make the move away from standard PCs and given the way Yahoo has failed to embrace mobile devices until now.

Along with a weather application designed for the Android there are two new apps, Livestand and IntroNow, designed to work with the iPad.

Livestand is a multimedia newsstand that delivers Yahoo branded content from their extensive database as well as participating publisher. The beauty of this app is found in a highly-customizable interface that brings very specific news to people based on their preferences and interests.

IntroNow, which was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year, is a social media app that seeks to recommend content (such as websites, game scores and twitter feeds) to users based on the television they watch by taking audio cues from the program currently being played.

After tapping out Carol Bartz as their CEO in September, Yahoo has been operating without somebody in the top spot. In the interim the company has hired investment bank Allen & Co to perform a review of their corporate strategy and while it is unclear if this move was part of their advice I think it can only be viewed as a positive change.

With rumors flying that Yahoo may be up for sale and with big name companies expressing interest, the timing of this release may be an attempt to bolster Yahoo’s worth and positively impact their asking price.

More years ago than I’d care to admit I never thought I’d see the day when I had to explain to somebody web-savvy who Yahoo is and was and even though I haven’t pulled up the Yahoo website in quite some time, deep down I’m rooting for them.

[via Reuters]

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