Learn About the Biggest Conflict in History with World War II Interactive

World War II InteractiveWorld War II Interactive offers WWII enthusiasts the opportunity to relive the biggest conflict in history with an interactive experience that includes photos, videos, audios and text all chosen carefully and displayed beautifully.

The developers of this app claim that a traditional book cannot do this content justice and this certainly demonstrates as true when you browse these virtual pages.

The app itself is divided into 9 areas, described as the “Events leading to the war (1918-1938), the 7 years of the war (1939-1945) and events after the war. All the major battles and events (from every theater of the war) are summarized in detail. Topics covered include Rise of Hitler, German Blitzkrieg, Winter war, Battle of France, Dunkirk, Britain, North Africa, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust, all major battles of Pacific war theater, D-Day, Burma, invasion of Italy, Germany and Japan, atomic bombings, etc. and many more.”

Each area contains detailed accounts accented by photos (over 600 in total) and videos (more than 35 to watch and enjoy) as well as offering visual timelines that lay out events that happened in the correct sequence. This was an especially helpful piece for me as I found it much easier to absorb that information when it was displayed graphically.

I have to say, I was excited when I read that this app contained many of the famous speeches given during this period. I was even more thrilled when I opened the app and realized that they were actually audio files of the speeches being delivered!

As you read about each conflict you see a summary of the details including the dates it occurred, where it happened (in specific terms), who was involved and what the result happened to be.

What I liked: I love the built-in ability to browse this book, giving me the chance to flip back and forth and focus first on the pieces I was most interested in. For me, I started with the bits I was familiar with and branched out from there.

What I didn’t like: At times I found the white text a little hard to read against the dark backgrounds found in this app. It would be nice if there was an option to enlarge the text or even change the font to be something easier to view.

To buy or not to buy: For those of you who are interested in history but find most books on the subject a little dry, this is the perfect way to spend some quality time learning a thing or two.

  • App Name: World War II Interactive
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Internet Design Zone
  • Price: $4.99
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