GRave Defense HD Shamble onto iPad

The popular Android game GRave Defense HD has finally made its way to the Apple App Store. Based on traditional castle defense style gameplay, this ghoulish game is a whirlwind of graveyard mayhem.

You are first briefed by your superior about the incoming attack of the undead. Your job is to defend the area in question, and try not to die. Once the game begins, you will be hit with wave after wave of zombies, poisonous slugs, ghosts, vampires, and all manner of undead monsters.

Each level has between 15 and 20 waves, each one getting harder with stronger bad guys to kill.

You earn money as you kill the undead, but use your coins wisely. If you spend too much on a flamethrower, you may not have enough money to upgrade the simple, but effective cannons. As the monsters grow in strength, you must increase your arsenal and upgrade your weapons. Money comes slow at first, but after a few waves, you will be able to spend every coin on awesome things like, freezing guns, harpoons, Tesla coils and many more. There are 15 upgradable weapons in all.

The bad guys come from more than just one entrance, and are headed for more than one exit. At times, one wave of zombies will be headed down one path and another wave will start from, and be headed toward a completely different spot. Strategic placement of weapons is the key to winning this game.

What I liked: Each level became more and more difficult to complete. New and meaner enemies would shamble down the road, causing plenty of chaos and keeping the challenge going.

What I didn’t like:  Each level had 15 to 20 waves of undead. That makes each level take a really long time to get through. New levels can’t be unlocked until all waves in the previous level were successfully stopped. If you make it through 19 waves, but lose your life on wave 20, you can’t move onto a new level.

To buy or not to buy: Absolutely. If you like castle defense games, this one is big fun and doesn’t feel like the same old thing.

  • App Name: GRave Defense HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: BulkyPix
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:


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