iOS 5.0.1 Adds Multitasking Gestures, Fixes Bugs

iOS 5.0.1

Apple has released the first update to iOS 5 with 5.0.1 having been delivered to developers this week (pre-release). This new update promises to address a few of the pain points we have all been complaining about including the poor battery life on the iPhone 4S and adding the multitasking gestures for the original iPad.

Oh, and for those iOS users with Australian accents, the voice recognition is about to get a lot better for you as a result of this upgrade.

One of the chief complaints of power-users is that the iOS 5 didn’t contain a way to specify documents that you want to have remain on your device but that don’t require being backed up (and thus adding to your storage needs and backup time required). We are told that this update will also address that problem.

In addition to these, iOS 5.0.1 contains a number of security updates including one that caused quite a stir! With a little effort and a smart cover it was easy to bypass your iPad 2 passcode and get back into the app you were last using before putting the device to sleep!

While a release date for this update hasn’t been announced, with a launch into beta you can expect it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks before it will be seeded out to the general population.

This update will mark the first iOS upgrade that will be seeded over the air (OTA) wirelessly to your devices. While developers have been enjoying this functionality for some time, this is the beginning of a new way for users to update their devices and will likely be met with equal amounts of joy and criticism.

Are you noticing any other major bugs with iOS 5? How happy are you with this iOS upgrade in general?

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  • R Herkelmann

    Pretty po’d that they removed all artwork from music not purchased thru iTunes.

  • Armlesscrayon

    I like the bug that makes the cursor jump all over when you are trying to use web based email , it’s fun not being a le to see what you are typing!

  • Pwatch

    Far more craahes with OS5,

  • Stefan

    icloud and Outlook give people a major headache. It sends out mail to everyone after syncing to iCloud. Bad move from Apple. Apple forums are full of angry people….