Soundfreaq Releases Sound Stack Bluetooth Speaker Dock

Sound Stack

I hope your Christmas list isn’t quite finalized yet because you may be making a revision once you see the new Sound Stack Bluetooth speaker dock from Soundfreaq. Advertising “deep lows to ringing highs”, this speaker dock is designed to work in tandem with your iPad, iPhone and iPod interchangeably.

The Sound Stack promises clean and clear acoustics whether your device is docked directly with this speaker system (even while still in the case!) or transmitting music wirelessly using AirPlay. The configuration of this speaker is 2.2 which means it offers two full-range drivers with two active sub-woofers offering high quality sound in a sleek package that looks nice sitting in your living room.

With a wireless range of 33 feet, you can still be using your device from across the room while enjoying your tunes and a free app can give you full remote control access as well as FM radio controls. Handily the app also works from your Windows and Mac PCs. (The parent in me is thinking of how I would be able to turn down the music without having to nab the iPod from my kid…)

To prove they thought of everything there is also an additional USB port that you can use to charge an additional device besides the one sitting in the dock. This may seem like a superfluous feature until you nearly come to blows with your spouse because you unplugged their iPhone in order to play your music or you don’t want to keep pulling out the cabinet you have your speaker dock sitting on to plug in your charging cable.

For those of you with a split household the Sound Stack is also Android friendly and fully compatible.

The Sound Stack is available now for US $399 with a list of places to buy the unit available directly on the Soundfreaq website.

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