Engage in a Zombie Slaughterfest with Zombie Crisis 3: Killzone HD

Looking for something to play during your post-Halloween candy coma? How about partaking in some good old-fashioned zombie slaying? Zombie Crisis 3: Killzone HD is a free action game featuring wave after wave of flesh-hungry undead that are ripe for the picking.

There are multiple types of zombies to engage, from the standard slow-moving zombies who engage in hand-to-hand combat to quick-stepping axe-hurling terrors that require constant maneuvering to avoid.

You’re initially equipped with a single gun and unlimited ammo, but new weapons can be purchased from the shop. Of course, since this is a free game the developers want you to spend real cash, so guns and other upgrades don’t come cheap. While slaughtering zombies does earn you a small amount of gold, it’s not likely not going to be enough to afford the upgrades to keep up with progressive level difficulty.

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to shell out real cash – unadvisable for a game of this quality – you can still have some zombie slaughtering fun with the tools you start with, though it’s more of a challenge.

To be honest, this is probably a game that you will download, play for an hour, and then delete. There’s just not a lot to it, beyond the same repetitive zombie shooting. The controls are decent, with dual joysticks for movement and shooting, but the levels can quickly become boring. There are only a total of four different game areas, and each one has 50 waves. That means 50 waves of standing in the exact same spot shooting the exact same zombies. Not exactly stimulating gameplay.


Despite its flaws, this zombie slaughtering game is free, and perfect for having a little undead slaying fun after Halloween night. And if you do end up loving it, a small investment of a couple of bucks will get you some decent zombie killing gear that’ll help you hack your way through wave after wave.

What I liked: This is a fast paced game with plenty of zombies available for shooting. If you just want to engage in some all out zombie warfare, this is a solid choice.

What I didn’t like: Gaming was repetitive, the graphics weren’t so hot, and weapon upgrades were too expensive. There are an endless number of zombie games in the App Store, and this one just doesn’t match up to the competition.

To buy or not to buy: This is a free game, so it’s worth a quick download to check it out.

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