Bespoke or Just Bling? iPad 2 Sports Gold, Diamonds, and Even Dinosaur Bones

Got an extra $8 million to drop this holiday season? If you want an iPad 2 like no other, then you could drop that cash on the Stuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History edition which includes 24ct gold, 65 flawless diamonds, and splinters from a T-Rex thigh bone.

When you order this luxury item you will receive an iPad 2 like no other. The back of the iPad is covered in 24ct gold which surrounds the diamond-encrusted Apple logo. The home button is a single cut 8.5ct diamond surrounded by 12 outer diamonds, which sounds like a setting that many woman would be more than pleased with as an engagement ring.

To ensure that no two models are alike Stuart Hughes has framed each screen with Canadian-sourced 75-million-year-old Ammolite to which 65-million-year-old T-Rex Dinosaur thigh bone splinters have been added. This iPad 2 is both a piece of modern technology and a personal gemological archive.

It’s common for folks to refer to the iPad as a luxury item, although usually these people have never owned the device. While the idea of the iPad as necessity or luxury is debatable, even iPad owners who “can’t live without” their device can see that Stuart Hughes model is aimed at a niche market. One thing is certain: if you take the plunge and get this version of the iPad 2, no one is going to snag your device by mistake in a meeting.

Is the iPad 2 Gold History edition a thing of beauty, or an alarming waste of money (and T. Rex bones)? Let us know in the comments.

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