Is a Native Gmail App about to Come to iPad and iPhone?

For several years now, the one thing that Android users have held over iPhone users is being able to use Gmail on their smartphone.

Although the days of iPhone and iPad users pining for Gmail to no avail may soon be over as rumors have it that a native Gmail app for iPhone and iPad is finally on its way…

According to TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler and the Register, Google is set to launch a native Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad. Despite talk that Apple was not allowing another mail app on its products that Google was concentrating on the mobile web, and the hostile relationship between Google and Apple, which has devolved into ugly personal and legal battles, rumors are sprouting from multiple sources that Google is on the verge of launching its native Gmail app on the iPhone and iPad.

But why exactly are so many iPhone and iPad users so excited about the alleged soon-to-be Gmail app arriving on the iPhone and iPad?

Well according to Siegler, those who have seen the app have regarded it as being “pretty fantastic”, with its star feature being Google’s Push Notifications, a service that notifies users about new mail or calendar events through push notifications. Other notable features of the, albeit rumoured, Gmail iPhone and iPad app that are sending many iPhone and iPad users, including MG Siegler, in to an excited frenzy, is the Gmail Priority Inbox, one-click starring of messages, the prospect of contact icons, deep searching functionality and more advanced threading.

Despite Google not having the greatest history of producing seamless iOS apps, which, on the contrary, are “often full of bugs and fairly ugly to boot,” most of the rumors in circulation about the ‘imminent’ Gmail app for iPhone and iPad, indicate that the native Gmail app will completely contradict the usual uncomplimentary attacks on Google’s iOS apps.

Either way, iPhone and iPad users will have to wait a while longer to, firstly find out whether the long overdue and eagerly anticipated Gmail app for iPhone and iPad will actually arrive, and secondly, whether it will fulfil those highly projected expectations.

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