Enjoy a Little Halloween Themed Fun in Toppling Towers: Halloween Free – iPad Game Review

Toppling Towers: HalloweenWe have hung out with this horse before, only this time the theme is Halloween and the enemy is The Pumpkin King. Fight to win back control of the kingdom, restoring peace and harmony for the princess and her various neighbors.

The developers at Big Fish Games claim they had a lot of fun with this upgrade and that is evident between the addition of spooky animations and the rag-doll physics.

In order to defeat the later levels you will need to collect runes that will offer some assistance. These will pack a little extra punch to your regular ammunition.

One of the things I really like about this physics-based game is that the path your last shot took is shown on the screen when you go to take your next turn. This means that you don’t waste your time replaying a shot that wasn’t quite right –and you can try to perfect your aim by using past tries as a guide.

To add a layer of difficulty, different ammo flies in different ways. Just when you think you have the trajectory figured out for one type, the rune you throw next will need more loft.

What I liked: I still enjoy the sarcastic wit found in this game.

What I didn’t like: While the first 5 levels are free, if you really want to get into this game you should expect to upgrade to the full version which will cost you $0.99. You are also going to need to pay for the upgrade if you want Game Center and pass-and-play multi-player modes.

To buy or not to buy: If you like to have a little themed fun for the Halloween holiday, this is a cute game and one of the more enjoyable physics-based challenges.

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