Double iPad 2s + Fake Blood = One Awesome Halloween Costume

Need a last minute Halloween costume idea? How about using a tablet to emulate a gaping hole in your torso? Just strap on a couple of iPad 2s, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a costume.

Innovative costume designer Mark used two iPad 2s, duct tape, a white shirt and fake blood to create an ultra gory, ultra expensive hole-in-the-stomach get up. Read after the break to get all the details.

Mark sent his idea in to Wired, explaining that he went to a Halloween party with the iPads strapped to his torso. With a FaceTime chat running on both iPads (they were connected together), it gave the illusion of a gaping hole. Of course, if you want to emulate this idea, you’ll need to make sure that wherever you’re going has steady Wi-Fi. Or, as Mark suggests, carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in your pocket.

Here’s the rundown in his own words:

I went to a Halloween party tonight and had tried out my costume idea of using 2 iPads with a Facetime chat to make it look like I had a huge hole in my stomach. Everyone was seriously going nuts and 2 people said it was “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”.

So, there you have it. A last minute costume is no problem as long as you’ve got a couple of iPads lying around. Happy Halloween, PadGadget readers!

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