Disney-ABC Signs New Video Deals with Netflix and Amazon

Struggling video-streaming service Netflix has managed to renew its licensing deal with Disney-ABC television, which will provide new episodes of current Disney and ABC shows on Netflix 30 days after they air.

Disney-ABC also signed a similar deal with Netflix rival Amazon, to provide the same content on Amazon Instant Video. With the new agreement, Amazon’s Prime subscribers will have unlimited access to the content, which will also be available in Amazon’s on-demand section.

Both deals allow for access to prior seasons of active and recently ended shows. The deals include series like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” and “Desperate Housewives,” plus shows from ABC, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel.

Neither deal allows access to recently aired television shows, which still must be found through sites like Hulu and iTunes.

The new agreements are welcome news for both companies. Netflix lost 800,000 subscribers to pricing changes in the third quarter and stock prices plummeted nearly 35 percent. The company also lost its deal with Starz, due to pricing disagreements.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is set to ship in two weeks and comes with a free month long subscription to the Amazon Prime service. With the Disney-ABC deal, Amazon Prime members currently have access to 13,000 streaming videos.

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