Bright House Networks Releases iPad TV App

Bright House TVOnce upon a time we were all shopping for bigger and better television sets to fill our living rooms and family rooms. We were cramming huge screens into our bedrooms and even finding a reason to put them into our kitchens.

Now, we turn to our iPads as much as anything to watch our favorite television shows and movies. And while I suspect most of you still turn to your huge television when you want to watch something as a family I think this change is indicative of our busier-than-ever lives and how we like to cram in a little entertainment on the go. (or if you are like me, you catch up on your much-loved television shows while you are in the waiting room at your daughter’s ballet class)

To make it easier for Bright House Networks customers, they have released an iPad app that allows you to view their content on your iPad simultaneous to the service being used in more traditional in-home ways. The advantage here is that you get both services for the same subscription fee, instead of having one service for home and another for your mobile devices.

All you need is a subscription to the Bright House Digital-Basic Service (or higher) and access to a WiFi connection on your iPad and you are set to go with their free app. You will have access to all of the same channels as you do in your subscription package and they will be streamed to you directly as you request them with no delay.

Bright House TV Screenshot

I think the real significance of this kind of app is in the ability to multitask with a single device. In my lifetime I have seen an evolution from a point where there were no computers in the home, to a single computer shared by all family members to the point where it is nearly a necessity for everybody of a certain age to have their own. Add to this the desire every child has to have their own television in their bedrooms, which then means they want DVD (or BluRay) players, etc. and suddenly you’re spending a lot of money for things that are taking up a lot of space.

While I am aware that iPads are an expensive toy, consider what you would have spent on all of those other electronics that aren’t nearly as portable. (and don’t forget to include what you’ve spend on Nintendo DSs and Playstation PSPs)

Not to mention the fact that it shows cable companies are starting to think about ways to remain relevant and competitive with the market evolving toward online delivery of television content.

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  • nicole.vega

    I use the DISH Remote Access app on my Android and on my iPad2. It is nice to be stuck waiting somewhere and have all of my LIVE TV channels and DVR recordings at my fingertips to help pass the time. I’m glad that technology is paving the way for entertainment to be enjoyed on an extended level. I was first wowed by DISH Network’s Sling Adapter and DRA app over a year ago shortly after I started working for them. At first I couldn’t believe that I could be anywhere in the world and as long as I have access to Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network I would be able to watch my TV on my phone as easily as if I were at home on the couch. Now I’m just surprised that other TV providers are barely getting around to providing similar options for their