Create iPad Apps on Your iPad with Codify

Codify, by Two Lives Left is a prototyping tool and touch-based code editor designed for the iPad. It allows users to create games and simulations, providing a visual of nearly any idea you can come up with.

The app uses the Lua programming language and lets users type code directly into the iPad. Codify takes the code and turns it into iPad games and apps that are able to use iPad features like multi-touch and the accelerometer.

Codify uses “touch your code” features, like tap and drag for editing numbers, colors, and images inside the visual editor. An auto-complete feature suggests keywords and functions within code, and the app provides example projects and a wide selection of assets.

Apps like Codify used to be impossible to create because of App Store restrictions that prohibited interpreted code in iOS apps. Code can be run within apps now, but Apple does not allow code to be imported or exported into apps.

Because of this restriction, all user creations are unable to be shared with others, making this app useful for experimentation only. Codify’s developer has submitted an update to Apple that implements sharing with other Codify users, but it’s unclear at this point if the update will be approved. Still, Codify is a useful programming tool, allowing for quick rough drafts of potential game and app ideas.

With apps like Codify, the PC is quickly becoming even more outdated and unnecessary. As more content creation tools crop up in the App Store, iPad users will have fewer reasons to use their desktop and laptop computers.

If you want to give Codify a whirl, you can download it in the App Store for $7.99.

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  • Luc Isaak

    Ansca Corona is based on Lua and hundreds of apps are using it.