Console-Style Game Comes Alive on iOS in Kyotokei (Polarity Shooter) – iPad Game Review

Kyotokei - Polarity ShooterEstaria was once a peaceful environment but has now been invaded by an evil witch. Your mission is to take control of Kyo, the magical wizard who is the only hope of overcoming the enemy monsters.

Navigate through swamps, mountains, caves and lava all flying by you at 60 frames per second all while dodging enemy fire and absorbing spells (which you can then use in turn against those who are attacking).

Two options for controlling your fighter allow you to touch the screen and slide him around, or use a touch-pad in the bottom left corner. For those of you more skilled than I am, there are three levels of difficulty to choose from. I found easy was hard enough to master but I am sure with more practice I would appreciate the challenge of harder levels.

There are 5 end-bosses that you must beat in order to consider the game conquered and I guarantee this will be no easy task. What I found was that my success in the game really depended on whether I could catch a certain rhythm and timing between my eyes, brain and fingers!

What I liked: The game is very fast paced which I find really enjoyable. Just make sure you don’t focus too hard on the background because as it flies by you might go a little cross-eyed or get a little dizzy! Fortunately you do get used to this quickly.

What I didn’t like: I know the style of the game is pixel-art, but the graphics could be sharper. I find on the iPad screen they are a little bit fuzzy which comes across more as blurry than classic.

To buy or not to buy: If you like shooter style games, particularly with anime style graphics, this game is a great addition to your iOS gaming library.

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