Adobe Releases Carousel Apps for MacOS, iOS

Adobe CarouselIn direct competition with Apple’s Photo Stream, Adobe has released their Carousel suite of apps for MacOS and iOS-based systems and devices. Carousel is Adobe’s entry into the cloud-based photography game and offers users of the system the ability to sync photographs across all of their devices.

In addition to sharing your photographs you can also do what Adobe describes as ‘non-destructive editing’ which they define as cropping, brightness, saturation, contrast, vibrance, white balance and exposure correction. By saying non-destructive they are making it clear that the original image is always preserved no matter what changes are made.

Basically you are getting the same power and capability of the popular Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom software.

With so many cloud services popping up I think obvious comparisons will be drawn. Carousel comes with no limit to the number of photographs you can upload, which means there are no storage constraints to be concerned with. Also, this service is idiot-proof. If you delete an image from your Mac or mobile device, Carousel will restore it back to your library in the cloud.

One of the interesting things that they do limit is that you can have up to 5 ‘carousels’ in your account and each one can be shared with a maximum of 5 people. I can already see this as a problem for me because my children have more than 5 grandparents and thinking even further, it would be nice to be able to add all ‘family’ (including close friends, aunts, uncles, etc.) to the same carousel.

Adobe Carousel Screenshot

The service does come at a cost, currently being offered for US$5.99 per month or US$59.99 for the year (following a free 30-day trial) for use on all of your devices across both operating systems… but if you are interested grab your subscription now, because the regular rate is almost double that (US$10/month and US$99/year) so you may as well save a few dollars.

Carousel is not currently available for Android devices but this compatibility has been both planned and promised for the near future.

Are you tempted to give it a try? Do you think this is a superior or inferior service compared to what is offered natively by iOS 5 and iCloud?

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