A Princess Tale: An App By Parents for Parents with Kids – iPad App Review

A Princess Tale: An Interactive BookA Princess Tale advertises itself as being an app that is created by parents for parents with kids. Whether your child is the prince or the princess, this app is entertainment with an opportunity for learning.

There are three fair maidens to choose from, each one being told by the narrator that they must first tidy their room and do their chores before they can go to the ball. Whether your child helps to put toys on the shelves and toy-box or cleans the flowers by placing them in the vase, the story begins by teaching children that fun things can happen after their work is done.

Once her room is tidied, the maiden must work through her other chores like gathering food and then feeding her animal friends. When she is finally ready to get dressed, the maiden can call on her fairy godmother to help her. With a library of options, you can play dress-up until your child feels that she looks just right and is ready to meet her prince charming! Goblins make traveling to the ball more difficult, but with the puzzle solved she will be ready to continue on.

The story concludes with a series of riddles that the maiden must work through in order to win the prince’s heart. These riddles help your child learn to properly arrange a table setting, paint a picture and then try to recall the color of the jacket the prince is wearing.

What I liked: I like that the language in this app is easy for small children to understand.

What I didn’t like: The narrator tells your child that they need to do things like tidy their rooms and do their chores but a little more instruction might be nice for smaller children who need to be told exactly what is expected from them. In one instance you are feeding apples to an elephant and he only prefers the red ones, but there is no indication for this other than his refusal to eat the green fruit.

To buy or not to buy: Children love stories that involve princes and princesses and this app will make a nice addition to your storybook library.

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