Steve Jobs Biography: Jobs Vowed to ‘Destroy’ Android

Steve Jobs BiographyOn the eve before the release of the first-ever authorized biography of the late Steve Jobs, we are all wondering exactly what will be contained within the considerable number of pages (656!).

Excerpts are being circulated and hints are being given, but a recent news item out of the BBC is one of the most interesting I’ve read. Apparently, Steve Jobs vowed to ‘destroy’ Android.

Inside the book, Jobs is quoted as saying “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Jobs goes on to declare that his war against Google would be waged with all of Apple’s money and his own dying breath.

Jobs may not have lived long enough to see the war officially won but with so many of the patent lawsuits still in progress it could take some time. While Apple has continued to dominate the tablet market with little Android competition, smartphones are an entirely different story. Android is enjoying 48% of the smartphone market while Apple trails at 19%, though this statistic is entirely misleading. It may accurately represent Android smartphones that have been activated but does not speak to the quality of device or profits recognized by those sales, both categories being areas where Apple is king.

The thing many of you don’t know is that past Google CEO and now chairman, Eric Schmidt, was an active member of the Apple board at the time Android was first developed. This action was a tremendous betrayal of trust and the kind of thing that Jobs took very personally.

This biography comes as the result of 40 interviews with the elusive Jobs. Many are wondering what was included in those discussions, especially with the knowledge toward the end of his life that he would not recover and this tome would be released soon afterward.

Will there be less magic now that we know why he always wore those black turtlenecks? Will we gain respect or lose it once we know a little more about the man behind the curtain? Is your pre-order all set and ready to go?

[via BBC News]

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