Rumor: iPad 3 to Feature a New Redesigned Dock Connector?

iPad 3 Dock ConnectorThose of us who love Apple products enjoy nothing more than predicting the next big upgrade. Okay, that might be a lie. We love receiving the upgrade more, but we’re already enjoying our iPhone 4S and we have our eyes turned now to the iPad 3. Rumored to be delivered to us next March, one of the predictions is that it will feature an updated dock connector.

An Asian source speculates that the new connector will also feature 30-pins and have the same electricity specification but thinks that the overall connection will be smaller.

If I were a betting woman, I’d say this rumor will prove to be false. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I’m still holding out hope on the MagSafe connector being on the new iPad 3. We all know that Apple received patent approval for using the connector on future devices, so it seems possible.

Apple currently uses MagSafe connectors on their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers and they have proven to be very valuable. With a palindromic design, you can plug them in no matter the direction (which means you can easily get things charging even when you’re docking in the dark) and they release with any amount of pressure (so when you trip over your own cord you won’t send your device flying to the floor).

No matter what it looks like, it seems likely that the iPad 3 will have some kind of new dock (and I would be prepared to wager that whatever happens to the the next iPad will also be seen on the next version of the iPhone as well). My hope is that the upgrade will be worth replacing all of the docks and cords we’ve invested in thus far (unless Apple also lets us use some kind of converter, which wouldn’t be too difficult if the electrical draw remains the same).

[via macotakara]

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