iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour Announced

On November 2nd, Apple will kick off its iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011, where the company will send Apple experts to nine different cities around the world. The experts will meet up with interested iOS developers to talk about advanced coding and design techniques for improving apps.

Cities on the tour include: Berlin, Beijing, São Paulo, London, Seoul, New York City, Rome, Seattle, and Austin.

While all iOS Developer Program members are eligible to attend, space is limited and spots are filling up fast. Apple is giving priority to developers who already have an app in the App Store, and warns that the Tech Talks are “highly technical.”

Tour stops in London, Seattle, New York, and Austin are already full, so late-comers in the U.S. will have to sit this one out or do some serious traveling.

During the conferences, Apple experts and app developers will discuss a wide variety of topics, from new iOS 5 features to design issues. Some of the pre-planned workshops include: Adopting Cloud Storage, Newsstand Apps from Start to Finish, Modernizing Your App Architecture with UIKit, and Adopting In-App purchasing in Your iOS App. There are, of course, many more subjects that will be covered. For a full list, check out the Tech Talk 2011 website.

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