Weather Channel Unveils New 3D iPad Weather App

The Weather ChannelI’m not psychic but yet I’m willing to bet that nearly all of you regularly use a weather app on your phone of one sort or another, even if it’s just the stock iOS option. I check mine when I wake up every morning so I know how to dress the kids (and soon, whether I need to warm up my car) before heading off for the day.

The Weather Channel is a trusted source of weather information that includes details about the current temperature and conditions but also well beyond and they are now bringing us an updated 3D app made especially for the iPad.

Together with their launch sponsor, Westin Hotels & Resorts, The Weather Channel has completely redesigned and re-released their signature app promising to deliver users “a stunning new perspective to discover, interact and share the weather and news happening at their doorstep and around the world.”

The executive vice president of digital product at The Weather Channel Companies, Cameron Clayton, announces:

“In the age of the interactive social experience, we know weather information needs to be visual, accurate and at your fingertips. Part of the success of our iPad app has been our ability to listen to consumer feedback for ideas on how to improve, and we have learned a lot since it first launched with the original iPad.”

Key features of the app include weather triggered background images on the home screen to match local conditions, an interactive 3D spinning globe view to spin, pinch and zoom for weather, a satellite map shows pinpointed favorite locations, geo-tagged iWitness photos, news mash-up of the latest weather news articles, user-submitted iWitness Weather photos, Twitter feeds from meteorologists and severe weather experts, HD-quality video and of course social media options for sharing information with your friends across all of the major services like Facebook and Twitter.

These features are all in addition to those things already found in the existing app making it a significant bargain at the $0 price tag.

Based out of Atlanta, The Weather Channel is a trusted source of weather information in over 100 million households worldwide.

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