KidsMag Makes Halloween About More Than Just Candy With Their Special Edition Issue – iPad App Review

KidsMag Halloween Special EditionMy daughter is just turning 3 and this is the first year she really has a solid understanding of what’s about to go down on Halloween. She’s chosen her costume (a completely adorable Tigger suit) and at least 10 times a day asks me when she gets to put on Tigger and take her pail around to the neighbors saying “trick or treat” and gathering candy. She says the words, but I still get the impression she doesn’t fully understand just what will happen other than it involves candy and that is always a good thing in her books.

To celebrate Halloween, KidsMag has released a special edition issue of their popular iPad-based kids magazine, KidsMag.

I don’t think my daughter is alone. I think most kids equate this holiday with candy, but that seems so fleeting to me. I far prefer the idea that there are other fun things to do and that it’s really more about exercising their imaginations.

If you agree with me, take a little time with your child and load up this app. Featuring familiar lead characters Teo & Bianca, you can work through a wide variety of fun interactive activities, including spot the difference scenes where you need to identify what differs between two images, virtual jigsaw puzzles, a craft project where you have to create and decorate a spooky face mask (the instructions on the screen walk you through how to do the actual craft outside of the iPad), monster puzzles that are basically Frankenstein style dress-up dolls, seek and finds, matching games, candy search, number ordering games, pattern matching games, counting exercises, a costume designer as well as coloring pages that you can paint and take photographs of.

And the neatest part? Most of the games can be refreshed with new puzzles and content by shaking your iPad while on those screens. Also, if you need it there is help available on each screen by tapping on the question mark.

KidsMag Halloween Special Edition Screenshot

What I liked: I want my daughter to have fond memories of holidays and events like Halloween as she grows up, and I love the idea that apps like this make it more about having fun and harmless make believe and less about a candy-grab greed-fest that happens on a single night.

What I didn’t like: Once you try this one you will be hooked on KidsMag and need to buy several more issues!

To buy or not to buy: If you have a little person between the ages of 3 and 8 (by my estimate) that is excited about Halloween, this is a great app and will give you enough entertainment to make it worth the purchase price.


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