ASUS Transformer Prime: More Than Meets the Eye?

ASUS Transformer Prime

While the official debut is slated for November 9, ASUS has provided a sneak peek into their new tablet the Transformer Prime. Aside from having a cool name, this tablet is set to run Android (Honeycomb, I would guess unless Ice Cream Sandwich is more ready than Google has let on) and feature an impressive host of specifications. But, will it stand up to the iPad?

The upcoming ASUS tablet is supposed to featured a 10.1″ screen, Nvidia’s quad-core Kal-El processor, mini-HDMI port, a USB port and an SD card slot all while boasting a 14.5 hour battery.

The case itself features a top lid that makes it look more like a traditional laptop that resembles machines from the ASUS Zenbook line, but it is only 8.3mm thick.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih proudly showed off his company’s latest tablet offering intended to replace the current EeePad Transformer that runs a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Shih didn’t discuss whether the signature detachable keyboard module that brings the EeePad Transformer to life as a more suitable laptop replacement would work with the new tablet.

Sales expectations for the new tablet are high. Shih has announced that ASUS is expecting to outsell every tablet manufacturer -other- than Apple, being careful not to take a stab at being branded an ‘iPad killer’, a term that usually results in a little mockery when it fails to deliver. (Which is my own personal expectation given Android chief Andy Rubin’s announcement that 6 million Android tablets were sold during this last fiscal year just days after Apple announced that 32 million iPads were sold during the same period.)

It isn’t known yet exactly when this device will hit store shelves and consumer hands, but I suspect we’ll get a firm date on November 9. It would be nice for ASUS if it was in time for the Christmas season, but they are rapidly running out of time.

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