Digital Book Publisher Blurb Releases iPad Book Publishing Service

BlurbBlurb, a digital book publisher has embraced iBooks and invites you to “unleash your creative genius” by assembling your photos and text to create a beautiful published work –fully integrated with the iOS service. Fortunately for those of us who have used Blurb in the past, this iBooks marriage extends to books previously created as well!

Viewing your book digitally through iBooks on your iPad means taking advantage of the touchscreen nuances like pinch/zoom.

It also means distribution to anybody and everybody is a breeze (and frankly, I love having photo books because of their beauty and assembled charm, but I really don’t buy actual paper books anymore)!

The base price is $2 USD per download, though the author is free to charge more if they wish to make a profit. My thought was that this could be a real fundraising opportunity. Consider selling Blurb published iBooks of event photographs after a benefit concert or charity hockey game –everybody loves to see the pictures after the fact!

Not to worry, paper copies can always be ordered as well for those that do prefer them… but given the option, I’ll choose an iBook every time!

Blurb describes themselves as “a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them.” Those of us who have a real passion and interest for writing understand and appreciate their mandate to put names to covers. While the books produced by the Blurb tools are intended to be mainly visual, the capacity to add text gives you the opportunity to narrate or scrapbook your creation making it very personal and special.

The only bad thing about this blog post this morning, is I know my mother reads PadGadget and now she’s going to expect me to be (rapidly) creating Blurb books of her grandkids!

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