iPad 3 Rumors: The iPad Mini? Say It Ain’t So

Taiwan-based news organization Economic Daily News has recently reported that a third or fourth generation iPad is in design phase and will be sporting a mini. That’s right. Rumor has it that Apple is planning on releasing a 7.85 inch tablet in the near future.

Economic Daily News stated that LG Display and AU Optronics are part of the design team and have already sent samples to Apple. The screen will have the same resolution as the current generation iPad, it will just be two inches smaller.

Rumors about a 7-inch iPad have been circulating since the first generation tablet hit the market and were subsequently squashed by Steve Jobs himself in a quarterly earnings conference call where the CEO was quoted as saying that a 7-inch tablet would be “DOA- dead on arrival.” This new rumor feels a bit DOA in my opinion. Just because it stretches the size nearly an inch, doesn’t mean it is any more likely than the first rumor.

Jobs has commented on the smaller sized screen to share-holders a number of times and all of them were a big fat “no.” Why would the iPad-maker turn around and do just that. Is the Kindle Fire really that much of a threat? I doubt it. Even if Amazon’s tablet actually competes with Apple, the market share has such a huge gap that the iPad does not need to rush out and make a cheaper version just to stay on top.

IntoMobile has an interesting point on the subject though. Apple has released scaled pricing versions of nearly every one of its other products from the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro, or the iPod Shuffle to the iPod touch. It almost makes sense that they would start making smaller iPads. I guess we will have to wait and see on this rumor.

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