The Ugly Duckling – An Interactive Children’s Book HD

The Ugly Duckling - An Interactive Children's Story Book HDI don’t think there is a single parent out there that doesn’t somehow reference The Ugly Duckling story at some point in their careers. We all love the message it sends making it a classic for a very good reason. The developers at TabTale have taken this Hans Christian Andersen story and turned it into a very entertaining and engaging app that offers a lovely learning experience for your child that I am pleased to have been able to review.

While the standard features apply, letting you either read the book yourself or have it narrated, there is one feature that sets this book apart -when you are viewing a page you can ‘dismiss’ the text with a single tap (and have it reappear just as easily). This is very nice for young children that love the story but are easily distracted and want to play around and touch things. You can even choose to have the narration continue just without the text being visible.

Every page of this book has a wide variety of interactions available that your child will enjoy. Tap on the eggshells to help the ducklings hatch, or play with the babies in the water while swimming or even assist them with gathering food. I appreciate that the interactions are learning opportunities and let me talk to my daughter about what was happening and why it was a necessary step.

The Ugly Duckling - An Interactive Children's Story Book HD Screenshot

What I liked: I like that the classics are being given new life on our digital devices. I want my children to experience these stories and having them reinvented keeps them feeling even more relevant.

What I didn’t like: I absolutely love that you can pause the audio while you are reading this book so that the narration will stop while your child plays with the interactions on the screen (or goes potty). I do wish that when you resumed, it began where you left off instead of starting at the beginning of the page’s text again.

To buy or not to buy: If your child gets even a glimmer of the message given by this story, the price is well worth it!

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