Javoedge’s Mini Stylus Plugs Right into Your iPad

Javoedge is known for creating fun, stylish, and functional accessories for all of your electronic devices. The company’s Mini Stylus is an ultra compact Stylus that fits right into the charger port of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, making it easy to transport and ensuring that it never gets lost.

With so many styluses, transportability is a problem. I don’t know about you, but it’s rare for me to be able to hold onto a pen for more than a month or two without misplacing it or losing it. The same has been true of my styluses, and I have to keep vigilant about where I place them. Additionally, styluses are usually not comfortably pocket-sized, so carrying one presents its own problems.

While there are a few solutions, such as cases with stylus holders, styluses with clips,  and some soon-to-be released Kickstarter backed magnetic styluses, but none of these options is quite as elegant as the Javoedge Mini Stylus.

Construction and Components

The Mini Stylus comes in a simple plastic package, and is constructed with a sturdy plastic dock connector, which plugs directly into the charging port or your iDevice. On the back side of the dock connector, there is a flat surface so the Javoedge stays put when it’s on your desk and to make writing with it more comfortable.

Like most styluses, there’s also a metal ring surrounding a rubber tip. This rubber tip works no better or no worse than every other rubber-tipped stylus on the market, as it’s the standard way that styluses are manufactured.

The dock connector does not click into the charging port as you are used to with cords and docks, it fits in securely and does not move or fall out.


Looks wise, this is one cute little stylus. The company says that it’s about the same size as a piece of chalk, but I’d say its even smaller than that. There is no wasted space on this stylus, and the minimal design is what makes it appealing. The flat rounded top of the stylus is simple but stately, and while out and about with my stylus during testing, I had several people ask me about it.

The Mini Stylus comes in a wide range of colors, to match your iDevice or the case that its contained in. Stylus colors include white, black, blue, gold, and mulberry, and each of these colors has a slightly metallic sheen for a refined look.


I won’t say that this is the most comfortable stylus to use, but what it lacks in comfort, it makes up for in utility. It took a day or two to get used to the stylus attached to my iPad, but then I hardly noticed it. I carry my iPad around a lot, both in hand and in a bag, and the Mini Stylus always stayed plugged securely in my iPad’s charging port. I was also able to plug it into my iPhone, though the fit was tighter with my iPad.

I found it great to use while I was eating so that I didn’t get my greasy fingerprints all over my iPad, and I know that I’ll get a ton of use out of it this winter. I’ve continually searched for a solution that allows me to use my iPad with gloves on, usually opting for a fingerless set that leaves my digits exposed to the cold. An always handy stylus is an excellent alternative, because I can still text, play games, and access apps with my while my hands are warm and toasty.

When in use, the stylus is easy to grip between your fingers. I found it worked better for me to hold it between my thumb and forefinger instead of holding it like a pen. This way the dock connector port did not bother my fingers, and even using it for long periods of time worked out fine. As with all of my styluses, I tested this one in a note-taking application, a game, and a sketching application. While sketching is a little harder because you have slightly less control, it was still very doable. The Mini Stylus worked perfectly for note-taking, opening apps, games, and texting.


If you’re looking for an ultra-portable stylus solution, this is the stylus you will want to order. It’s pocket sized and guaranteed not to get lost when it’s plugged directly into your iPad. The Javoedge Mini Stylus is a clever solution for a secure stylus, and a great value, too.

Want to purchase your own Mini Stylus? Visit the Javoedge website, where they are available for just $9.95 each. While you’re there, make sure to take a look at Javoedge’s range of affordable and stylish cases for the iPad and iPad 2, which I stumbled upon when writing this review.

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