National Newspaper Now Available via Flipboard

Aggregate news and magazine app Flipboard pulls stories and information from a large number of sources. USA Today announced this morning that it’s teamed up with Flipboard, making it the first national newspaper to have content featured in the app.

With this new collaboration, you can get the best content from USA Today right in Flipboard, eliminating the need for visiting several different newspaper sites and apps to get the news you want.

USA Today’s John Hillkirk had the following to say about USA Today’s arrangement with Flipboard:

“We are delighted to offer USA Today on Flipboard. Our readers are busy, social and on-the-go and USA Today is their trusted source for the news they need to get through their day. Through our partnership with Flipboard we are providing them a unique way to enjoy USA Today and the ability to share their experience with their friends.”

Flipboard is continually providing new sources of information, and currently features stories from publications like National Geographic, The New Yorker, Wired, Rolling Stone, and more. Flipboard’s agreement with USA Today is likely to be the first of many the company will make with popular news publications to fulfill consumer demand.

USA Today on Flipboard is updated daily with several pages of content and stories to read through, covering topics like sports, entertainment, tech, finance, and more. The content is delivered using Flipboard’s classic magazine-style layout for easy browsing and reading.

If you’re a current Flipboard user, you can check out USA Today’s new offerings within the app. If you don’t use Flipboard and want to check it out, the app is currently available for free in the App Store.



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