Forgotten Colours: A Lovely Collection of 15 Illustrated Short Stories

Forgotten Colours is an adaptation of a gorgeous collection of 15 illustrated stories, designed for both adults and children. The stories were originally produced by author Silvia G. Guirado, and have been illustrated by several talented Spanish artists.

I was surprised by this book, because based on the title and the icon, I figured it was just another typical children’s story, but it turned out to be much more. This is a collection of fantastical, inspirational stories that are actually oriented more towards adult readers.

In the first story, Carmesina, with her bright blue eyes, is born into a dark and gloomy world, where hope has been lost and all of the colors have vanished. Carmesina doesn’t have any easy life, but she manages to shrug off self-pity, questions the world around her, and brings color back to a lifeless town.


In addition to Carmesina and the story of the Forgotten Colours, there are 14 other stories to read, all with the same thought-provoking messages. In one story, a girl living in 2045 questions the barren world around her, and in another, two princesses decide against being princesses, embrace their imperfections, and choose to be individuals instead. All of the stories are thematically similar, questioning the world, delighting in simple pleasures, advocating peace, and encouraging the change of the status quo.

A drop down menu at the top of the app will let you switch between stories, and let you change the language to Spanish, Catalan, and English. This menu also features a few contact buttons to get in touch with the app developers.

Almost every page features beautiful pictures, some of which are animated. Pages with a paw print are pages that can be interacted with, and tapping on one of Carmesina’s paintings to will allow you to see a larger version.

While these stories are great for both children and adults, this is a book that would be more suitable for older children, as the themes are philosophical and would not clear to a younger child.


If you are looking to reclaim your childhood sense of wonderment, this is a lovely book to explore. If you are a writer, a reader, or a lover of words and art, this is a collection of stories that may delight you, and I highly recommend giving it a look.

What I liked: The illustrations are beautifully drawn and go perfectly with the tales. I happened to study a lot of Spanish literature when I was in college, which I’ve come to love, so Forgotten Colours felt very familiar and comfortable to me.

What I didn’t like: There are punctuation errors in the book, which will hopefully be fixed in an update. Sometimes pages froze, and I was unable to turn to a new page.

To buy or not to buy: This is a really interesting book of stories. If you’re looking for something a little different to read, this collection of short tales is a worthwhile download.

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