iSkin Releases New iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Cases

iSkin, a well known manufacturer of protective electronic device cases has just released some brand new cases for the iPad 2, the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. iSkin usually sticks to soft silicone cases for iDevices, but this time, they’ve got an amazing looking brushed aluminum iPhone case, a and an aluminum brushed nylon case for the iPad 2.

The aura, designed for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, is one slick, stylish case. Because it’s made of aircraft-grade brushed aluminum over a polycarbonate frame, it’s ultra thin, clocking in at just 1.6mm.

This case is modern, elegant, and complements the iPhone’s design perfectly. I’m a big fan of iSkin cases (all of my iPhones have worn one) and this new offering is a lot more sophisticated and fashionable than most iSkin designs.

Aura snaps on to your iPhone, and has precision cut holes for speakers and ports. It’s lightweight and protective, as all iSkin cases are. The aura comes in three colors: Graphite (a dark charcoal), Navy (metallic blue), and Silver (white).

Also newly available from iSkin is the revo4 SE for the iPhone 4 and 4S, which is made of durable Japanese silicone for protection without the extra bulk. The revo4 SE features a ViSOR shield with a touch friendly zone for answering calls while providing total protection for your iPhone. This is a case you’ll want to look at if your iPhone is regularly in environments where extra protection is required. The revo4 SE comes in blue/black, red/black, dark brown/white, yellow/white, pink/black, and dark brown/black.

Finally, iSkin has designed an aura2 case for the iPad 2, which provides full body protection in a slim folio design with Smart Cover functionality. There are plenty of folio cases available, but the iSkin looks to be sturdy, high-quality, and thin. The aura2 converts into a multi-angled viewing display for watching TV and movies and it converts into an ergonomic typing stand.

Aura2 is constructed from brushed-metallic nylon with a microfiber lining to keep your screen clean and safe. There are extra card pockets on the inside of the case, for holding papers and other materials, and a specially designed inner pocket that is lined to shield against wireless identity theft – a perfect spot for credit cards. Currently the aura2 only comes in navy, but other colors will be released in the future.

The aura for the iPhone and the iPhone 4S retails for $39.99, and the aura2 for the iPad 2 retails for $99.99. The revo4 SE retails for $39.99. All three cases are available for immediate purchase at

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