iCloud.com Now Live, iOS 5 Release Imminent

Guess what? It’s the long awaited iOS 5 day! That’s right, at some point in the next eight hours, Apple’s going to release its brand new operating system. Soon we’ll all have access to wireless syncing, iMessage, Twitter integration, Newsstand, and tons more. iOS 5 is Apple’s largest, most extensive mobile operating system upgrade to date.

As you’re waiting for iOS 5 to be released, you can check out Apple’s iCloud service, which launched this morning.

Navigate over to iCloud.com in your browser, sign in with your Apple ID, and see it for yourself. You will need to have OS X Lion installed, or wait for iOS 5 to fully activate the service.

With iCloud, you can free up storage space and access documents and services such as mail, contacts, calendar, Find my iPhone, and iWork on all of your Apple devices. iCloud will also come with iTunes Match, a service that you can purchase for $25 per month to access all of your music (regardless of whether it was purchased through Apple) on any iDevice.

Are you excited? We sure are! Let us know what you think of iCloud and the upcoming release of iOS 5, and make sure to stay tuned in to PadGadget for more news on iCloud and iOS 5.

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  • Dave Spinelli

    Can’t wait for iOS 5!

    But I thought that Match was $25 per year, not per month!?!

    • Juli Clover

      Oops, that’s a typo. It’s definitely $25 per year, not $25 per month! Sorry about that.