iPad Accounts for 97-Percent of All Tablet Traffic

Month after month, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market. October is no exception, with a new report from comScore revealing that Apple’s iPad accounts for 97.2 percent of US internet traffic on tablet devices.

Yes, that means that Android tablets are doing so poorly that ALL of the iPad’s competitors account for just 2.8 percent of internet traffic. 97.2 percent is an impressive number, even after reading about the iPad’s wild success for over a year.

Overall, iOS accounts for 58.5 percent of mobile traffic, and the iPad makes up 46.8 percent of that traffic. For the first time, the iPad has surpassed the iPhone in mobile internet usage.

comScore also pointed out that more than half of tablet owners have used their devices to make purchases online, from planning and research to actual transactions. In the last month, half of tablet owners checked pricing information and read customer reviews, making the iPad an increasingly important marketing tool for advertisers and developers.

iOS itself is the top mobile platform, with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches making up 43.1 percent of unique users, while Android accounts for 34.1 percent of connected mobile devices. Android does still have the biggest slice of the smartphone pie, but when accounting for all mobile devices, the iPad pushes Apple ahead.

It will be interesting to see how the release of the Kindle Fire will change these numbers, and if it can cut into the Apple’s huge mobile marketshare. As always, at this point, Android tablets don’t seem to stand a chance against the all-mighty iPad.

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