Express Yourself Environmentally With Root Cases’ Wood iPad 2 Case

Root Cases has released an attractive case to protect your iPad 2 while helping you get in touch with nature. Stylishly crafted with quality walnut, this case will make you a veritable tree hugger.

This attractive iPad case is manufactured from the hardest North American walnut wood.  Its instinctive warmth combined with a beautiful look makes this case ideal for individuals with passion and conviction. With century-old traditions, walnut symbolizes strength and confidence, which is the main reason why professional artisans select walnut due to its working properties, which yield elegant designs, desirable grain contrast, and durability.

Root Cases successfully integrates nature and technology by building cases with the highest level of precision and care. Their iPad cases clasp shut magnetically insuring that your iPad stays put.

Root Cases practices environmental consciousness by incorporating sustainable wood, like bamboo, into their line of cases. They also work with Plant-It 2020, an organization dedicated to replanting trees in non-logging areas, and they donate one percent of all profits to promote growth and sustainability of the earth.

Root Cases’ Wood iPad 2 Case- Walnut is available at their website for $79.00.

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