Incredible, Shred-able Air Guitar On iPad 2

We’ve all done it. While listening to our favorite band shred on some fantastic solo, we lift our arms, positioned for guitar strumming, and begin our personal rendition of the most rockin axe playing the world has ever seen… on air guitar.

Yonac Software has made our dreams a reality. Well, virtual reality at least. GhostGuitar uses your iPad 2’s front-facing camera to let you rock out on a virtual guitar. I can’t wait to see videos of people using this app on YouTube.

Using augmented reality, GhostGuitar syncs with the image of the back of your right hand, and then creates a guitar and pick for you to play with. You can pick individual strings or strum the whole fret. With your left hand, you “hold down” the key that you want to play. You don’t have to actually know how to play a chord. You just place your hand over one of the available keys (B Major, C# Minor, etc.) and strum the strings. The app does the rest.

GhostGuitar comes with a virtual back-up band to accompany your whaling solos. There are four different guitars to play and three different pedal options. You can save your performance as a video or audio file. Please upload your rockin air guitar magic to YouTube. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

Believe it or not, this awesome app is available now in the App Store for a mere $1.99. It is universal as well. You can use your iPhone to set your pedal fuzz while using your iPad to play the virtual axe. Get started on your rock stretches now and let the air guitar mayhem begin.

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